28TH JUNE - 1ST JULY, 2023

B A R B A R O S 


Bárbaros is an interdisciplinary Dance, Art and Sound collaboration. It is a highly visceral and poetic stage production that plays on the antagonism between instinct and the restraints of civilisation.   


The collective entry point into this work has been through the question - are we both ‘naturally civilised’ and ‘naturally barbarous’? A viewpoint that is highlighted daily in the media where the actions of supposedly civilised nations and leaders appear less civilised than those they would seek to be against. If civilisation can be defined as a refining of humankind, how do we attend and address the base instincts, impulses and desires of oneself that can be considered barbaric? 



Through stunning visual imagery, mesmerising original score, and accomplished choreography, Bárbaros ultimately unpacks a beautifully twisted narrative that physicalises how the barbaric lurks in the hearts of all the civilised. 







'What Lurks on the Edge' is an ambitious contemporary dance and magic collaboration between South Australian choreographer Lina Limosani and Melbourne Magician & Producer Elio Simonetti. It is a highly visual, audacious contemporary dance work that draws upon Charles Perrault’s 17th-century horror-folktale Blue Beard. Utilizing dance, stage magic, object theatre, and kinetic costuming, this stage production is a retelling of the original story that privileges women. It is a reimagining of myth and archetype through the heron’s journey. 


In  August 2022 'What Lurks on the Edge' undertook a substantial development with funding support secured from the Government of South Australia and the Australia Council for the Arts.


'What Lurks on the Edge' is working towards a presentation season in 2024.






Choreographer / Director: Lina Limosani

Visual Artist:                  

Sound Artist:                                        


Set and Costume:                

Lighting Designer:                 

Performer: Matt Roffe

Performer: Anton




Choreographer: Lina Limosani

Magician / Conjurer: Elio Simonetti

Performer: Cody Lavery

Performer: Zoe Gay

Performer: Lily Alcock

Performer: Sarah McCrorie

Sound Designer: Jed Palmer

Costume Designer: Davis Browne

Dramaturg: Al Seed








Photo Credit Alexander Waite Mitchell  / 

Filmed by 


Presented by Limosani Projekts

in association with Adelaide Festival Centre & Brink Theatre

An unflinching journey into the ambiguous and inescapable relationship between Civilisation and Barbarism.


 A highly visual, audacious contemporary dance work that draws upon Charles Perrault’s 17th-century horror-folktale Blue Beard.