Lina teachers an energetic technique class which is highly influenced by her years as a performer with Garry Stewart’s Australian Dance Theatre. The class begins by establishing a close relationship with the floor, paying attention to softening and engaging the core whilst bringing awareness to the joints and low of energy. We quickly build momentum, moving across the space focusing on the principles behind getting in and out of the ground with speed and efficiency. The class progresses into dynamic travelling phrases, designed to activate the body’s natural strength and challenge it to dance with aesthetic, speed and clarity.

'....I constantly look forward to a Lina Limosani class as I know I will face the challenges, choreography, and teaching style I so eagerly search for in a teacher and choreographer. Lina provides an extremely fast paced, professional and exciting atmosphere, where she encourages you to strive for maximum length, flexibly and strength throughout her extremely engaging and interesting exercises. I am always left with a resonating buzz, that is alighted when I return again. Her classes are of a professional standard where you are encouraged to dance as well as connecting all the technical dots together.'  ALEX ANDREWS (MELBOURNE)   

'....Lina's classes will advance you to the next level , pushing you to your physical and psychological limits. Her detailed choreography  enables you to train at a high level,  at a world class standard.' RICARDO PEREIRA (PORTUGAL)

'....Lina Limosani's contemporary classes push the boundaries of physicality while exploring a range of interesting movement dynamics.'  CARL ANGELOQUE TOLENTINO (NEW ZEALAND)

'....These classes are all about pushing your boundaries  and finding ways to consistently improve yourself as a dancer. The combinations and exercises focus on the precision of movement and detail . The most challenging of all are the impressive floor combinations and the tempo in which they are required to  be done at!' KAIA VERCAMMEN (HOLLAND)

'....I have learnt so much in Lina's class that even years later, I still hear her voice in my head. I learned how to understand working with the floor , particularly how to prevent myself from injuries.'  INGE DEVROEU (HOLLAND)