What Lurks on the Edge' is an ambitious contemporary dance and magic collaboration between South Australian choreographer Lina Limosani and Melbourne Magician & Producer Elio Simonetti. It is a highly visual, audacious contemporary dance work that draws upon Charles Perrault’s 17th-century horror-folktale Blue Beard. Utilizing dance, stage magic, object theatre, and kinetic costuming, this stage production is a retelling of the original story that privileges women. It is a reimagining of myth and archetype through the heroine’s journey. 


In  August 2022 'What Lurks on the Edge' undertook an initial development with funding support secured from the Government of South Australia and the Australia Council for the Arts.


'What Lurks on the Edge' is working towards a presentation season in 2026



Produced by: Lina Limosani @ Limosani Projekts

Director & Choreographer: Lina Limosani

Magician: Elio Simonetti

Set & Costume Design: Davis Browne

Dramaturg: Al Seed

Performers: Cody Lavery, Zoe Gay, Lily Alcock & Sarah McCrorie