‘What Lurks on the Edge’ (WLOTE) is a daring new stage production and multi-artform collaboration by Lina Limosani and Magician Elio Simonetti that breathes new life into the timeless horror folktale ‘Bluebeard’. Skilfully weaving in contemporary themes of control, oppression, and patriarchy, this daring work utilizes dynamic physical performance and ambitious integration of stage magic to tell a story of depth and relevance to our current moment.


The production artfully translates its concrete and relatable concepts into a playful and theatrical experience, seamlessly integrating the world of magic. Exploring both our conscious and unconscious behaviors, the production delves into the intricacies of our actions, those we are aware of and those that occur without our conscious recognition.


Utilizing dance, stage magic, object theatre, and kinetic costuming, this stage production is a retelling of the original story that privileges women. It is a reimagining of myth and archetype through the heroine’s journey. 



Produced by: Lina Limosani @ Limosani Projekts

Director & Choreographer: Lina Limosani

Magician: Elio Simonetti

Set & Costume Design: Davis Browne

Dramaturg: Al Seed

Performers: Cody Lavery, Zoe Gay, Lily Alcock & Sarah McCrorie