'....Lina Limosani's BlindSpot uses one man and two women, but one and sometimes two were seen behind a venetian blind suspended mid-stage, or two held statuesque positions while the other moved. Inventive action and a consistently developing structure in this work makes Limosani a choreographer to watch out for.'




Cast: Best results 3 Dancers


Length: 15 minutes


Music: Selected pre-established artists




The bitter struggle for power, the rightful heir to the throne and a tragic ending all come together in this interpretation of the Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth 1 dramatic tale. 


'.... Lina Limosani‚Äôs God Save The Queen delves into the past for inspiration, re-imagining the battle for power between Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. Darkly comic and extremely violent, Limosani pairs movement with vocalisation to heighten the drama. Dressed in period garb, the all-female cast emit guttural roars, tittering laughteAr and a smattering of words as they play out struggles between the queens themselves, and their manipulative courtiers. Karate chops and head slams are accompanied by cartoonish sound effects, but Limosani keeps the chaos on a short leash, tightly choreographing each encounter.' CHLOE SMETHURST, DANCE AUSTRALIA



Cast: Minimum 5 dancers


Music: Selected pre-established artists


Length: 20 minutes. Possibility for extension

'....Xx-hume was one fluid stream of movement with lots of unusual details and quirky motifs. The movement unfolds so naturally; nothing seems forced despite the originality of the movement.'




Winner of the Australian Institute of Classical Dance 2015 Dance Creation Competition - Adelaide Preliminary Finals . 



Cast: Minimum 6 dancers


Length: Can be re-worked for anywhere between                  10 - 30 minutes


Music: Selected pre-established artists