Once upon a time… in a faraway land… it happened… did not happen… could have happened. History is passed on like stories from generation to generation. But what if the stories are not what they seem?


This award winning work is an International collaboration between UK award-winning Bharatanatyam artist Seeta Patel and Australian choreographer Lina Limosani.


This work blends techniques from Bharatanatyam, contemporary dance & theatre to create a poetic narrative that has the beauty & disquiet of a Grimm’s fairy-tale. Told through a fairytale, this theatrical work's story unfolds through movement, dance and music with a continuous poetic and evocative narration. With striking imagery, it’s a one-woman show which subversively co-opts whitewashing against itself, with cultural appropriation at its core.


This accessible show blurs the lines between dance and theatre with a story that aligns perfectly with our history of colonialism. 

It’s a visual performative metaphor that talks about power and manipulation, stories and culture, BUT most importantly, it's about awareness, about each of our contributions and the roles we play in creating the story we are in today.


Not Today's Yesterday took home the Graham Smith Peace Foundation Award and the Bank SA Best in Dance Award at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe.


The inspiration stems from our concerns that revisionist and airbrushed histories have become a central issue of tension throughout the world, in particular Western democracies. History is being dressed up to make a more readily acceptable narrative for us to consume to the detriment of diverse voices and stories being heard.


Britain and Australia, amongst others, have sordid histories and relationships with indigenous and migrant communities. Skewed histories fuel a distorted sense of nationalism. This work aims to open up conversation through a clever appropriation of whitewashed histories and give a voice back to lost histories and communities.


Not Today’s Yesterday is embracing a new artistic form through the cross pollination of contemporary dance with the traditional form Bharatanatyam the art of storytelling.


In 2016 Lina and Seeta conducted their first phase of research in Australia before embarking on a development phase in Poland in 2017. Here they concluded with pilot performances at The Lowry, Salford Quays Manchester and Warwick Arts Centre, UK. 2018 saw Lina and Seeta enter into their Production and touring phase with a Premiere season at the Adelaide Fringe Festival where they took home the Best in Dance & Peace Foundation Awards. Not Today's Yesterday will embark on a UK tour in October 2018 with further touring planned for Europe, UK and Canada in 2019.




created by Lina limosani & seeta patel