The Spinners is an international collaboration between Scottish director and performer Al Seed and Australian choreographer and performer Lina Limosani. Performed by three of Australia’s finest dancers – Lina Limosani, Tara Jade Samaya and Kialea Nadine Williams, The Spinners is an exhilarating journey into myth and imagination. Through stunning visual imagery, dance and theatre a new and highly original work has been spun, taking its sustenance from the Moirai or Fates of ancient Greek myth. With life, death and the choices we make or don’t make as its heart, the Morai spin, measure and cut the thread of life, deciding the fates of all human beings.



THE SPINNERS marks a continuation of Seed and Limosani’s exploration of cross-artform collaboration, and demonstrates how contemporary dance can provide a vehicle for intelligent and provocative storytelling – so offering new perspectives on dance itself, as an artform. This project is also a celebration of female-centric dance-theatre and a timely exploration of the female figure in ancient mythology.


 The Spinners has been developed in stages between Australia and Scotland and produced by Lee-Anne Donnolley of Far and Away Productions. The first stage development was undertaken in April 2016, Adelaide, followed by the 2ndStage at Edinburgh’s Dancebase in January 2017. The work went through a final stage to completion in December 2017 and had its World Premiere at both Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre Mt Gambier on 7th July and the Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre from 11th-13th July 2018. This was followed by a sixteen night season at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe supported by Made in Adelaide and Made in Scotland.

Created by: Lina LImosani & Al Seed

Director: Al Seed

Choreographer: Lina Limosani



FOR TOURING CONTACT: Producer: Lee-Anne Donnolley - Far and Away Productions