“A deception that elevates us is dearer than a host of low truths.” Marina Tsvetaeva


'What Lies Within' takes as its launch point qualities of power, leadership and exploitation within cult-like mentality and grooming. It is a daring and dark tale that addresses a timeless set of questions about human nature, ideology and our desperate need to be apart of something bigger than ourselves.


Complex in its structure and its seriousness, this work is more concerned with moving beneath what seems obvious and entertaining. Humor and overt theatricality display the unique behaviors’ of an associated group, before moving towards gradually exposing the brutal underpinnings at the centre of what appears to be 'normal' psychological group dynamics and behaviors.


It is a cathartic and aggressive work, honing in on acute and sinister character roles, complex choreography and compelling sound design.


With a dark and macabre environment, rife with imagery bordering on something akin to religious iconography, this work will evoke a different and viscerally discomfiting kinaesthesia. 'What Lies Within' will be a powerful study of demagoguery, ethical distortions and victimization.



Kialea Nadine Williams

Tara Jade Samaya

Brianna Kell

Carl Tolentino

Lewis Rankin

Tobiah Booth Remmers



Dramaturg: Andrew Brackman

Production Manager: Peter Kelly

Sound Designer: Sascha Budimsky

Lighting Designer: Chris Pedritos



The Tighter You Squeeze is  a contemporary dance work exploring the issues of attachment and detachment.


Caught in a place of purgatory, existing in this dark and uncomfortable labyrinth, the characters are riddled with self-doubt and hesitation.  Fearing the loss of their bearings, identity, and security, their impulse encourages them to cling to their surroundings with an unpleasant feeling of apprehension eating at their souls. Unaware of the potentially destructive nature of this compulsion, and oblivious to their ability to set themselves free, we watch these characters embark on the long and winding road to rediscovery as they struggle through a dark, and at times confusing, imbroglio of choice. It is in this place where they battle with the necessity to reassess and re-evaluate their angst-ridden reality in order to find their way back to the light.


The Tighter You Squeeze undertook a second stage development with Australian Dance Theatre and aims to go into presentation in the near future.




'....A short season of The Tighter You Squeeze was mounted to gain feedback on a work claimed to be under development, but it needs to be said that in spite of some rough spots, this is a well prepared piece that already stands its ground.'




'...Involving all eight dancers at times, Limosani's use of space is a hallmark of her work, like her vigorous style.' 








inSPACE/Adelaide Festival Centre

Leigh Warren and Dancers

Peggy Van Praagh Choreographic Fellowship

Arts South Australia


the spinners

PREMIERING, Adelaide July 2018




2nd Stage Development Edinburgh, January 2017  

   Showings - Edinburgh January 27th 4:30pm @ Dancebase National Dance Agency  

                                - Adelaide February 3rd 4:30pm @ The Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre




Australian Dance Theatre 

Arts South Australia

Australia Council for the Arts

Creative Scotland

Three women weave an infinite thread; a story spanning ages...

Custodians of time, goddesses of vengeance, or servants of malevolence? Through their rituals of remembrance, The Spinners reflect our world, and worlds past, back to us, revealing a hidden realm; part truth, part illusion.


Through stunning visual imagery, an immersive original score, theatre and dance, The Spinners is an epic journey into myth and imagination by an extraordinary team of Australian and Scottish artists. 


The Spinners revolves around the Greek myth of The Moirai; purveyors of fate and destiny. This trio of powerful women leads us on a physical journey through 2000 years of legend and literature, exploring our deepest connections to the imagery of storytelling. 


March 2016 saw the  first stage development of The Spinners, a three-year Australia – Scotland dance-theatre collaboration working toward the creation and presentation of a new dance theatre work.


This project brings together the idiosyncratic voices of Scottish director Al Seed and Australian choreographer Lina Limosani. IT explores ways in which the traditions of contemporary dance, clowning, bouffon and tragic theatre can cross-pollinate to create a unique movement language.


The Spinners is an unusual hybrid of dance and theatre, highlighting a presentation style seldom seen in Australia.


Final Stage Development & World Premiere

2018 Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre, South Australia 


Available for Touring
 From August 2018 


Director: Al Seed

Choreographer: Lina Limosani

Performers: Lina Limosani, Tara Jade Samaya and Kialea Nadine Williams.

Costume and Set Designer: Wendy Todd

Production Manager: Tess Ryan

Sound Designer: Guy Veale

Lighting Designer: Chris Petridos


Producer: Lee-Anne Donnolley - Far and Away Productions


photo: Chris Herzfeld

photos Chris Herzfeld @ Camlight Productions