A Delicate Situation is a cross-cultural collaboration between Australia and Asia, exploring the universal subject matter of dying, death and what lies beyond. Drawing on the power of Asian mythology and our ongoing interest in the supernatural, A Delicate Situation is the story of a woman’s struggle to come to terms with death whilst surrounded by folklore, myth and superstition. Utilizing the recurring image from many Asian cultures of a deadly and violent supernatural female figure clad in white with long draped black hair, through the idioms of dance, puppetry and theatre, A Delicate Situation demonstrates the omnipresence of death and death lore across cultures



Whilst drawing strongly on dance techniques the work is fundamentally dramatic in nature. The bold collage of characters, music, set design and lighting have come together to create an intensely cerebral work that is entirely visceral, haunting and compelling. It speaks deeply to the audience’s own perceptions and experiences of loss and highlights the work as an extraordinary example of cross-cultural collaboration. A Delicate Situation is a chilling and visually enthralling piece of contemporary Australian and Asian dance theatre.











'....A production that should be seen, heard, felt and experienced, to celebrate cultural differences, and inevitable similarities, and for the sheer beauty of movement and mystery that such theatrical experimentation can offer....'


Nominations for:


The 7th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2008

Best Feature Performer

Best Choreographer in a feature length work

Best Costume Design



Adelaide Critics Circle Award 2014

Independent Arts Foundation Award for Innovation



Australian Dance Awards 2015

Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance


The Delta Project’s Under My Skin, is a dance work created by deaf and hearing artists and premiered at Arts House for Next Wave Festival in May 2016


Under My Skin is a piece that touches on some of the ways in which we choose to interact with the world around us. In a quest to understand the things that define us as we search for a place where we feel we belong, the examination of our ‘layers’ has been an underlying impetus for this work. Humans are complex creatures, and underneath everything essentially vulnerable. We therefore, many a times, protect ourselves by masking or hiding away from a world that is constantly asking us to validate ourselves. Our need to label, protect, disguise or reveal ourselves has been an intrinsic question behind Under My Skin.


Under My Skin is the Delta Projects highly anticipated new work, choreographed by Lina Limosani and Jo Dunbar. Working together with new media artist Rhian Hinkley, lighting designer Richard Vabre and sound designer Russell Goldsmith, choreography blends with images and sound building access into aesthetics. Layered and revealing, 'Under My Skin' challenges what it is to listen and be heard.

'Under My Skin leaves no sense untouched despite bringing together an audience and performers who are both hearing and deaf. Using dance, projection and tactile sound it weaves together a moving and powerful exploration of identity with the inclusive and exclusive spaces that its diverse elements imply.'



Direction: Lina Limosani & Jo Dunbar

Choreography: A collaboration between Lina Limosani, Jo Dunbar and dancers

Performers: Elvin Lam, Luigi Vesco, Amanda Levis,                         

Video Designer: Rhian Hinkley

Sound Artist: Russell Goldsmith

Lighting Designer: Richard Vabre

'...This is an important piece of dance theatre. It is authentic and honest but most importantly, it wills you to think for yourself...'

Charlotte Maxwell - AFRONALYSIS





Not Today’s Yesterday is an International collaboration between Australian choreographer Lina Limosani and UK Bharatanatyam dancer Seeta Patel. This work blends classical Indian dance & contemporary dance in a striking, intelligent and engaging evisceration of ‘pretty’ and ‘suitable’ historical stories. It is a one-woman show which subversively co-opts whitewashing against itself. 


The inspiration stems from our concerns that revisionist and airbrushed histories have become a central issue of tension throughout the world, in particular Western democracies. History is being dressed up to make a more readily acceptable narrative for us to consume to the detriment of diverse voices and stories being heard.


Britain and Australia, amongst others, have sordid histories and relationships with indigenous and migrant communities. Skewed histories fuel a distorted sense of nationalism. This work aims to open up conversation through a clever appropriation of whitewashed histories and give a voice back to lost histories and communities.


Not Today’s Yesterday is embracing a new artistic form through the cross pollination of contemporary dance with the traditional form Bharatanatyam the art of storytelling,



Concept & Story: Seeta Patel & Lina Limosani 

Direction & Choreography: Lina Limosani

Performer: Seeta Patel

Costume Design: Lydia Cawson

Text: Sharmila Chauhan & Seeta Patel

Sound Artist: Lina Limosani

(Original Design collaborator Dagmara Geysztor)


australian   premiere




8 performances only!
Sat 24th & Sun 25th Feb @ 4.30pm
Thu 8 - Sat 10, Tue 13 - Thu 15th Mar @ 6.10pm
50 Minutes
Holden St Theatres - The Studio, 34 Holden St, Hindmarsh (Next to Coopers Stadium)